Cranks for Rack jack



Standard crank

  • for standard use when not limited by space
  • lowering and lifting is provided by turning of crank
  • load is secured in any position

Ratchet crank (RK)

  • for use in cramped places
  • allows jack up and lower loads by pendulum motion of crank back and forth hereby decreases demands on workspace
  • lifting and lowering enabled by simple change of reverse lever
  • load is secured in any position

Ratchet crank-lever (RKP)
Račnová klika-páka Brano

  • suitable in cramped places
  • safety device against overloading
  • ratchet crank – lever enables at once:
  • jack up and lower loads by turning of crank, by pendulum motion of crank or  prolonged lever
  • change of crank to lever is provided by simple transposition of handle by 90o

User´s  advantage:

  • the function of crank is mainly usable for quick pre-set of unloaded jack lift or for manipulation with loads of low weight
  • change of crank to prolonged lever when lifting loads close to safe working load enables decrease operating force thereby improve operating comfort
  • operating force is decreased by c.40% in position LEVER compared to position CRANK
 Type crank  Standart crank Ratchet crank
Ratchet crank-lever
Load capacity 2,5t  5t  10t 16t  20t  2,5t  5t  10t  16t 20t  2,5t 5t 10t 16t  20t
Arm length (mm)  in position crank  250  300 300  400  400  250  300  300  400  400  250  300  300  300  300
in position lever  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  475  525  525  600  600
 Squaring, dimension (mm)  16×16  18×18  16×16  18×18  16×16  18×18

Cranks are equipped with brake. Shafts are collapsible.