Electric Chain Hoist BY

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Capacity: from 1000 kg up to 5000 kg
Hoisting height: 3.2 m
Reeving: 1/1; 2/1; 3/1; 4/1
Working rate group FEM 9.511: 1Аm
Electric motor for hoisting: with conical rotor and built-in brake
Electric motor for travelling: with conical or cylindrical rotor and built-in brake
Hoisting speed: basic/micro 8/2 m/min, 5/1.04 m/min, (reeving 1/1)
basic/micro 4/2 m/min, 4/0.85 m/min, (reeving 2/1)
basic/micro 3/0.65 m/min, (reeving 3/1)
basic/micro 2.3/0.5 m/min, (reeving 4/1)
Travelling speed: 20 m/min
Suspension: fixed, on hook, on push trolley, on geared trolley, on electric trolley
Control: contactor control
Power supply: three-phase -380V/50Hz


  • hoisting height different from 3.2 m;
  • power supply different from 380V/50Hz;
  • different travelling speeds;
  • thermal protection for electric motors;
  • load limiter;
  • remote control;
  • frequency control;
  • climatic zone: normal, tropical.