Rack Stacking Machines TC

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Capacity: 500 kg and 1000 kg
Lifting height: up to 18 m
Load bearing device: telescoping rolling forks
Lifting speed: 15/1.7 m/min; 16/2 m/min; 19/2.4 m/min
Travelling speed: 84/20.5/2.9 m/min; 63/17.3/2.2 m/min; 63/10/2.9 m/min; 75/12/4.2 m/min
Load taking speed: 12 m/min; 19 m/min
Corridor width: 1000 mm; 1400 mm
Pallets dimensions: 600х800 mm; 800х800 mm; 1200х800 mm; 1200х1600 mm
Control: contactor control
Power supply: three-phase -380V/50Hz